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05th Jan . 2013
WELCOME to the home page of Mat Wigley, Digital Creative.
A little known land of free content in an experimental vein. I suggest you listen to some music whilst browsing.

  Makin' these
baint cheap,
or at least
failing that,

Yes, I'm a Graphic Designer.
View my portfolio via the link on the right there >

Thanks for visiting my page, this is where I put links to the things
I'm involved in, things like graphic design, electronic music and hobbying!

Some of my hobbies are: ping-pong, photography, salsa dancing,
cooking, yoga, looking good, scanning the horizon and animal mimicry.

If you want to see cool stuff, check out the Animal Trail, it's growing.
Wander through the Motto Maze, an artistic exploration of popular culture.
Or download some free Music, yes free!
There are many strange
wonders to behold in this land beneath the sea.

There are numerous 'harvested' images and animations within this site.
I haven't been collecting credits along the way so I apologise now.
If anyone spots one of their images and feels upset, email me: to demand justice.

Please be aware that this is an old-fashioned web page, I don't have a blog,
I'm not 'Tweeting' and I don't want to make friends with you on Facebook.
I know that as a web designer, I should Get-With-The-Times, but I'm just
too busy cloudgazing to participate in any of that nonsense...

Having said that, please Comment :

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