Mat Wigley - Creative Being
A small selection of my work.

CGT Lettings | Advertising Design


As well as being a graphic designer I often create advertising concepts for my clients.
Here's a few examples of work I created for a large chain of estate agents in Cheltenham.

A couple of animated web banners.

happy hearth
cosy scene

A flyer design for a Free Agency Switching service.

happy home
flyer reverse

A flyer design for the company's 30 year anniversary.

happy anniversary CGT

A couple of A1 posters aimed at landlords.

rain or shine CGT
building trust CGT

A Social media campaign.

Run, don't walk to CGT
Running Track CGT

A Newspaper Ad.

Tickets to Cheltenham Races

A series of 'Post Its' for Instagram.

Post Its for CGT

A Social media campaign for landlords.

Gold Service CGT
Landlords Gold CGT

Finally another animated banner that, sadly, was never used!

Animated Gif

Logos | Graphic Design


Maven & Black - Public Affairs Consultancy


Maven & Black Logo Design - Modelling Agency


Bratz Modelling Agency Logo



Rounda - Record Label


Rounda Records Logo



Daily Wales - Welsh News Site


Daily Wales Header Banner



Hecla - Record Label


Hecla Record Label Logo



Eden - Alternative Therapy


Eden Alternative Therapy Logo



Evans Fielding - Photographers


Evans Fielding Photography Logo



The Toucan - Night Club


Toucan Club Logo Design



Singular Effects - Audio Hardware


Singular Effects Logo



Room 21 - Hand Balancing Gurus


Room 21 Logo



Mwndo - Welsh Tourist Guides


Mwndo Logo



Monster - Mobile Advertising


Mpnster Advertising Logo



Album Artwork | Graphic Design


Being a musician who designs I end up doing a lot of sleeves for people.
Here's some of my favourites from over the years.

No Thee No Ess - California

No Thee No Ess

Cymbient - i saw energy

Cymbient Artwork

MC Mabon - Radio Sessions

MC Mabon Sessions

Ninjah - MK

Ninjah - MK

Mandy - Cross-Country Roller-Skating

Mandy - Cross-Country Roller-Skating

No Thee No Ess - Spring Dawn Glow

No Thee No Ess - Spring Dawn Glow

Sion Orgon - Into the Dark

Sion Orgon - Into the Dark

MC Mabon

MC Mabon - The Porn Album

Rocketgoldstar - Soft Eject

Soft Eject - Rocketgoldstar