Mat Wigley - Creative Being A small selection of my work

CGT Lettings | Advertising


As well as being a graphic designer I often create advertising concepts and write copy for my clients.
Here's a few examples of work I created for a large chain of estate agents in Cheltenham.


A couple of animated web banners for a Christmas offer

happy hearth
cosy scene


Retro design featuring Soviet propaganda artwork

Decadent English Football Team


Concept for a magazine ad

happy home


Flyer design for the company's 30 year anniversary

happy anniversary CGT


A couple of A1 posters aimed at landlords

rain or shine CGT
building trust CGT
Satisfied Customer


Social media campaign featuring a skytrack!

Run, don't walk to CGT


Full-page Newspaper Ad for an online Competition

Tickets to Cheltenham Races


Series of various witty 'Post Its' for Instagram

Post Its for CGT


Social media campaign for landlords

Gold Service CGT
Landlords Gold CGT


Finally another animated banner that, sadly, was never used!

Animated Gif


Gig Posters | Graphic Design


Posters for local events


Cymbient Poster



Posters for the Toucan club


Toucan Club B+W posters



Posters for Chuckie Egg - the world's greatest covers band


Chuckie Egg Posters



Colour posters for local business


Silverhand Salsa



Posters for The Silverhand


Silverhand posters



Posters for the Defective Collective


Defective Collective posters Defective Collective posters



Colour posters for local events


Posters for the arts



Street Level Display Boards for Squarefoot estate agents


Squarefoot estate agents posters



Colour posters for business and pleasure


Mwndo Logo



Various Logos | Graphic Design


Logo design for Maven & Black - Public Affairs Consultancy


Maven & Black Logo Design



Logo design for - Modelling Agency


Bratz Modelling Agency Logo



Header banner for the Daily Wales - Welsh News Site


Daily Wales Header Banner



Clean Logo for Cath Mowbray - Professional Massuese


Caths Massage logo



A logo for Hecla - Indie Record Label


Hecla Record Label Logo



Design for Eden - Alternative Therapists


Eden Alternative Therapy Logo



2D & 3D Logos for Squarefoot - Estate Agents


Squarefoot Estate Agents Logo



I worked with Illustrator Andy Taylor to create this
Logo for The Toucan - Night Club


Toucan Club Logo Design



Branding for Silverhand - Alternative Specialist/Tattoo Parlour
Whilst not strictly a logo, it came to be associated with the brand.


Silverhand Mouse



Room 21 Logo design - Hand Balancing Gurus


Room 21 Logo



Logo for Mwndo - North-Walian Tour Guides


Mwndo Logo



Monster Logo design - Mobile Advertising company


Mpnster Advertising Logo



Bay Productions | Scenic Art


I spent two years working as a Scenic Artist on big international projects

The scary door


Scary Door



Fake Rocks


Fake Rocks



Painted Wall


Fake Wall



Painted 'Hard Wood' Floor


Fake Floor



Bits n Bobs for Les Miserables


Les Miserables



Gold Leafing


Gold Leaf



Crumbling Plaster


Plaster Wall



Album Artwork | Graphic Design


Being a musician who designs I end up doing a lot of sleeves for people.
Here's some of my favourites from over the years.

No Thee No Ess - California

No Thee No Ess


Cymbient - i saw energy

Cymbient Artwork


MC Mabon - Radio Sessions

MC Mabon Sessions


Ninjah - MK

Ninjah - MK


Mandy - Cross-Country Roller-Skating

Mandy - Cross-Country Roller-Skating


No Thee No Ess - Spring Dawn Glow

No Thee No Ess - Spring Dawn Glow


Sion Orgon - Into the Dark

Sion Orgon - Into the Dark


MC Mabon

MC Mabon - The Porn Album


Rocketgoldstar - Soft Eject

Soft Eject - Rocketgoldstar


Political Posters | Propaganda Design


See if you can guess which side of the political fence I reside!


A little reminder

cute little chap


Truly, the gods have blessed us

Cosmic Alignment


It's real!

Shh, the magic tree's a secret



happy anniversary CGT


Setting the tone

criminal behaviour


The Cosmic Array | Music/Video Production


This is a video I produced for a track I recorded and mixed by The Cosmic Array


The Cosmic Array | Album Production

I've produced two albums for these guys now, both released on Folkwit Records, check them out below.

If you'd like me to mix your next album/single say the word.

WoodooMan | Branding/Music Video Production


I made four music videos for local spooky rocker WoodooMan

The Sun Shines Forever

Back to the Void

Struck by Lightning

Hunting for Power


Some associated artwork and photography

Back to the Void


Back to the Void


Back to the Void


Back to the Void


The Sun Shines Forever


Crimson Shrine


Crimson Shrine


Back to the Void


Back to the Void